Elantra 2018 Limited 2.0 Transmission Clunky

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Elantra 2018 Limited 2.0 Transmission Clunky

ViestiKirjoittaja Corporatefilms123 » 20:49 Perjantai 20 04 2018

Hello Everyone,

I just bought a used 2017 Elantra Limited 2.0 with 7.5K miles on it and I'm loving it. Unfortunately, I'm having a problem when I'm in traffic, between the speeds of about 30 and 10 mph, if I let my foot off of the gas, the car seems to jump back as if it just dropped a gear. It happens when the car is warmed up, or not. It's starting to really bother me since I drive in traffic Everyday. I've tried different things with how I let off the gas, but unless I go SUPER slowly off the gas, it keeps doing it.

Did anyone else have this problem, or know what could be causing it? Should I take it to the dealer since it's still under warranty?

Any Ideas, Suggestions would be appreciated,


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Re: Elantra 2018 Limited 2.0 Transmission Clunky

ViestiKirjoittaja Mimmi » 08:06 Lauantai 21 04 2018

First I check vacuum lines and non-return valves. Sounds that you have faulty vacuum line or non-return valve.
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